New Work

Michael Collins

"Sons Of Ireland/Bastards Who Began It" & "Together As One" from Michael Collins
Music by Joshua Salzman
Lyrics by Ryan Cunningham
Orchestration by Conor Keelan


“Windows And Doors”, “A Proper Family”, “I See It In The Tea” & “No One Other Than Me” from Coraline
Music by Myrna Conn
Lyrics by Lindsay Anderson
Orchestration by Conor Keelan

Starts at 2:34

Starts at 2:34

Starts at 2:43

Starts at 2:43

Generation Me


"Alive", "Monday Morning" & "When He Held My Hand" from Generation Me
Music by Will Finan
Lyrics by Julie Soto
Orchestration/Vocal Arrangement by Conor Keelan

NYMF 2017 Awards:
Winner - Best Musical
Nominee - Best Orchestrations

Everyone Is Heard

"Everyone Is Heard from Waa-Mu 2017: Beyond Belief
Music & Lyrics by Jordan Knitzer & Alec Steinhorn
Orchestration by Conor Keelan


Starts at 4:10

Backing Track (Starts at 4:10)

Another Way West: Overture & Where It All Begins

"Overture" and "Where It All Begins" from Waa-Mu 2016: Another Way West
Music by Myrna Conn & Jonathan Bauerfeld
Lyrics by Charlie Oh & Casey Kendall
Arrangement/Orchestration by Conor Keelan

Starts at 0:00

Starts at 0:24

The Polar Express: Overture & This Year

“Overture” & “This Year” from The Polar Express
Music by Conor Keelan
Lyrics by Rick Garcia & Conor Keelan
Orchestration by Conor Keelan


Starts at 0:32

Finnegan's Wake

Starts at 2:53

"Finnegan's Wake" from Waa-Mu 2016: Another Way West
Music by Chris Anselmo & Hunter Chang
Lyrics by Fergus Inder
Vocal & Dance Arrangement by Conor Keelan
Arrangement/Orchestration by Conor Keelan
Guitar - Conor Keelan